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The Most Fun and Crazy Zombie Games Free Online

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Zombie Games Free: How to Have Fun with the Undead


Zombie games are video games that feature zombies as enemies or protagonists. They are popular among gamers who enjoy horror, action, or survival genres. Zombie games can be scary, thrilling, or funny depending on their tone and style.

Playing zombie games can have many benefits for you. For example, you can:

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  • Improve your reflexes, coordination, and problem-solving skills by fighting or escaping from zombies

  • Release your stress and frustration by killing zombies

  • Have fun with your friends by cooperating or competing with them in multiplayer modes

  • Explore different scenarios and stories involving zombies

  • Learn more about zombie lore and culture

There are many types of zombie games available for free. You can play them on your PC, mobile phone, or tablet. Some of them are online, while others are offline. Some of them are single-player, while others are multiplayer. Some of them are realistic, while others are cartoonish.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free zombie games for PC and mobile devices in 2023. We will tell you how to play them, what to expect from them, and where to download them. We hope you will find some zombie games that suit your taste and have fun with the undead.

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Best Free Zombie Games for PC in 2023

Dead Cide Club

Dead Cide Club is a side-scrolling shooter game with cartoony graphics and humor. You play as a member of a gang of misfits who have to fight zombies and other enemies in a post-apocalyptic world. You can choose from different characters, each with their own weapons and abilities. You can also customize your appearance and upgrade your skills.

The game is fast-paced and challenging. You have to shoot, dodge, and use special moves to survive. You can also collect coins and items to buy new gear and power-ups. The game has a lot of levels, each with different objectives and enemies. You can also play with your friends in co-op or versus modes.

You can download Dead Cide Club for free from Steam. You can also join a cartel, which is a group of players who share resources and chat with each other. You can create your own cartel or join an existing one.

Stay Out

Stay Out is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG with survival and exploration elements. You play as a stalker, a person who ventures into the Zone, a mysterious and dangerous area full of anomalies, mutants, and artifacts. You have to scavenge for resources, craft items, trade with other players, and fight zombies and other enemies.

The game is immersive and realistic. You have to manage your hunger, thirst, radiation, and injuries. You also have to deal with weather effects, day-night cycles, and dynamic events. The game has a huge open world with different regions and locations. You can also join a faction, which is a group of players who share a common goal and ideology.

You can download Stay Out for free from Steam. You can also join a faction, which is a group of players who share a common goal and ideology. You can choose from different factions, each with their own history, reputation, and quests.

Dead Maze

Dead Maze is a 2D isometric zombie survival game with crafting and cooperation features. You play as a survivor who has to rebuild civilization after a zombie outbreak. You have to gather resources, craft items, build structures, and fight zombies and other threats.

The game is cooperative and social. You have to work with other players to survive and complete missions. You can also trade with them, chat with them, and form alliances. The game has a lot of content, including hundreds of items, dozens of skills, and various events and quests.

You can download Dead Maze for free from Steam. You can also join a community, which is a group of players who live in the same camp and share resources and facilities. You can create your own community or join an existing one.

Best Free Zombie Games for Mobile Phones and Tablets in 2023

12 MiniBattles

12 MiniBattles is a collection of mini-games with zombies and other themes. You can play solo or with up to four friends on the same device. The games are simple but fun and addictive. They include shooting zombies, driving cars, playing soccer, wrestling, and more.

The game is casual and colorful. The graphics are pixelated and cute. The sound effects are funny and catchy. The game has a lot of variety and replay value. You can also unlock new games by playing more.

You can download 12 MiniBattles for free from Google Play or App Store. You can also challenge your friends by sharing your scores on social media or by using the multiplayer mode.

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a 3D shooter game with zombies and weapons upgrades. You play as a soldier who has to survive waves of zombies in different locations. You can use various guns, grenades, mines, turrets, and traps to kill zombies. You can also upgrade your weapons, skills, and base.

The game is action-packed and intense. The zombies are fast and furious. The weapons are powerful and diverse. The locations are detailed and varied. The game has a lot of levels, achievements, and challenges.

You can download Zombie Survival for free from Google Play or App Store. You can also survive longer by using the daily rewards, watching ads, or making in-app purchases.