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7Yo Girl Takes Daddy For First Time1 [HOT]

If she feels she is doing her part to change things and she doesnt always get the same appreciation from her mother as she thinks it should be, she can feel shut down or rejected and have a difficult time with trusting her mothers intentions. Self-esteem can be a difficult thing to watch and it takes years to feel like one truly understands oneself. Over time this can also lead to a sense of pride that can feel threatened by the needs and attitudes of the other parent and children.

7Yo Girl Takes Daddy For First Time1


Im sure she has a hard time feeling like she has control over her life, and she probably wishes she had a normal mom. The idea of feeling like she does not even matter even though she wants to matter can make a person go crazy. Its very normal to feel like that and its something that everyone experiences throughout development, including parents. When she tries to tell her mom how she feels she gets the idea that she is doing wrong and that her mother is judging her. Adolescence can be a difficult time in relationships due to the fact that we usually are more concerned with who we are than with how others feel about us. So, while she might love her father, she most likely does not see him as a source of acceptance and support. And we cannot blame the youth for this; we must blame ourselves because of our own negative attitudes. The idea that we must first show respect to our parents in order to gain their respect for ourselves is a false one. This may sound mean but it is actually quite the opposite. We need to show respect to them in order to show them respect and we can only do that by first showing respect to ourselves. And only by doing this can we ever hope to give them the respect that we so rightfully deserve.


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