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Download From IntoUpload [34 MB]

Bandwidth is usually limited by how much data your ISP will allow you to move. To test bandwidth, you can run a speed test. Note that some speed test sites only test download speed, but for video calls, upload speed is equally important.

Download from IntoUpload [34 MB]


Check if the old drivers were removed in the paths by using the ls command with your respective OS version. You will notice that the *.kext file is removed from the respective paths. In this case, the usbserial.kext was removed from Mac OSX High Sierra.

If you installed the drivers for the CH340 on your computer but have issues connecting via serial terminal or uploading code using the Arduino IDE, there may be an issue with your user settings preventing you from using the CH340. You may receive an avrdude: ser_open(): can't open device error similar to the output shown below.

USB-to-serial converters like the CH340 are great for uploading code to a microcontroller or viewing data from a GPS on a serial terminal. Check out these tutorials to dive even deeper into the world of microcontrollers or send serial data to your computer with a GPS!

In terms of performance, the blockchain-based EMR-sharing system exhibits low throughput and high latency compared with centralized systems because of the data propagation delay between nodes and the consensus mechanism. However, performance problems can be overcome through various methods, including automation of the system by using smart contracts, lightweight consensus mechanisms, and private blockchain models. In a centralized system, only the central administrator manages the database. Hence, the data stored in the database can be arbitrarily modified or deleted only by the central administrator. However, to modify stored data in the decentralized EMR-sharing system, the consent of most of the blockchain nodes is required; therefore, an arbitrary user cannot modify the data at will. Therefore, the blockchain-based EMR-sharing system provides high data integrity and a transparent process, allowing EMRs to be shared without the intervention of a third party, unlike centralized systems. The decentralized EMR-sharing system prevents data leakage and privacy threats from third parties with these characteristics.

The test environment was designed based on the data-sharing process defined in the Methods section. The simulation consisted of 2 physicians, a patient, a medical consortium, and a public IPFS network participating in the blockchain network as the minimum unit for sharing an EMR. Entities on the network were classified into two categories: a host operating a blockchain network and a guest operating on the network. All processes in the proposed system can be viewed as interactions among guests. In the test environment, there was a consortium to which many hospitals belonged, and each hospital had a Flask server with a different port. The code of the software development kit used to implement the blockchain network is Node.js. The host computer was a PC running Windows 10 Pro 64x (Microsoft Corp) in a wired environment, with 32 GB memory and Intel Core i7-10700K central processing unit at 3.80 GHz. The guest computer was a PC running Ubuntu 18.0.4 64x (Canonical) in a wired environment, with 10 GB memory and Intel Core i7-10700K central processing unit at 3.80 GHz. The communication rates considered were the download and upload rates in megabits per second: host upload and download rates and guest upload and download rates.

Slow upload and download speeds are all too common of a problem and can hamper both business and personal operations. This can be a frustration that keeps you from doing everyday tasks at home and at work.

For both desktop and mobile connectivity alike, it makes a difference where the cellular signal is coming from. If you're in your home on your desktop or laptop computer, where is your router or WiFi gateway located? If you're using your cellular phone anywhere, where is the nearest signal originating?

It's important to understand that most common building materials are notorious cellular signal blockers. When a signal is obstructed, it can certainly impact upload and download speeds on your mobile devices. Concrete, brick and LEED-certified windows can all cause obstructions to the strong signal that enables fast connectivity and speed.

If your business or residential space is plagued by slow upload/download speeds, a cell signal booster can provide significant improvement. Cell signal boosters use a passive distributed antenna system - or passive DAS - to bring strong, unimpeded outdoor cell signal indoors where you need it. Using a passive DAS booster, the strong signal is amplified and broadcast throughout your indoor space.

The number of antennas and amplifiers needed to increase upload and download speeds will depend on the size of the interior space and the materials obstructing the signal. Wilson offers a variety of cell signal boosters to help you improve your upload and download speeds.

2. Here, click on Responses, and then choose which results you want to download using the check boxes. Alternatively you can click Download all responses.

3. Next this window appears, where you can choose to download your results in CSV or XLS formats, or do grab your files directly. Check The files your respondents uploaded to download them to your computer in a .zip file.

**r1555 - 1558:FIX: ignore exception when updating invalid recurrence interval for appointmentsIMPROVEMENTS: Allow negative MonthsInFuture and also 0 MonthsInFuture or MonthsInPast to avoid resynching past reminders (see feature-requests #246 Should Past Events Still Trigger A Message)IMPROVEMENTS: don't synchronize reminders of already finished events (see support-requests #879)IMPROVEMENT: Added configuration "Only sync when idle"IMPROVEMENT: Added the installed and available version number to the log string (to better trace, what was installed and what was the newest available from GCSM download)

**r1547 - 1550:- IMPROVEMENT: Only save Contacts when changed (to avoid unnecessary logs, though nothing changed)- ToDo: Also apply above to appointments, but much more complicated, because too many Save methods and also RecurringEvents to be considered- FIX: Fixed TestSyncGroups for Contacts- IMPROVEMENT: remove seconds from OutlooProperties-LastSync, because cannot be retrieved again in most cases, therefore makes it more unaccurate to compare => always ignore seconds when comparing lastSync with lastUpdate- FIX: index out of range- FIX: Sync Thread abort if running- FIX: GetRecurrence issues- Updated to latest GoogleAPI nugets

**r1536 - 1539:- FIX: [bugs:#1312]- removed seconds from AppointmentLastUpdated, because seconds are not saved in LastSync property anymore also for Appointments (same as for Contacts already in the past)- added log entries when snycing recurrence exceptions- FIX: fixed some conflict resolutions

**r1518:- fixed several places maybe causing the deleted contacts, sometimes there are magically the same resource twice in the contacts loaded from Google People API- updated nuget for Google APIs to newest version

**r1496 - r1499:- moved debug info from Info into Debug log (to avoid spamming the end user)- added debug log to RemoveGoogleDuplicatedContacts (e.g. to investigate root cause for -requests/834/)- added more debug info to UpdateRecurrence to investigate root cause for

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.8.5 FIX: Handle invalid characters in syncprofile FIX: Also enable recreating appointment from Outlook to Google, if Google appointment was deleted and Outlook has multiple participants FIX: also sync 0 minutes reminder

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.8.0 IMPROVEMENT: Upgraded development environment from VS2010 to VS2012 and migrated setup from vdproj to wix ATTENTION: To install 3.8.0 you will have to uninstall old GCSM versions first, because the new setup (based on wix) is not compatible with the old one (based on vdproj) FIX: Save OutlookAppointment 2 times, because sometimes ComException is thrown FIX: Cleaned up some duplicate timezone entries FIX: handle Exception when permission denied for recurrences

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.5.22 IMPROVEMENT: Replaced lock by Interlocked to exit sync thread if already another one is running IMPROVEMENT: fillSyncFolderItems only when needed (e.g. showing the GUI or start syncing or reset matches). IMPROVEMENT: Changed the start sync interval from 90 seconds to 5 minutes to give the PC more time to startup

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.5.19 IMPROVEMENT: Added Note Category sync FIX: Google Notes folder link is removed from updated note => Move note to Notes folder again after update IMPROVEMENT: added class VersionInformation (detect Outlook-Version and Operating-System-Version)

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.5.15 FIX: increased TimeTolerance to 120 seconds to avoid resync after ResetMatches FIX: added UseFileAs feature also for updating existing contacts IMPROVEMENT: applied "UseFileAs" setting also for syncing from Google to Outlook (to allow Outlook to choose FileAs as configured) IMPROVEMENT: replaced radiobuttons rbUseFileAs and rbUseFullName by Checkbox chkUseFileAs and moved it from bottom to the settings groupBox

Contact Sync Mod, Version 3.5.9 IMPROVEMENT: create new logfile, once 1MB has been exceeded (move to backup before) Improvement: Added ConflictResolutions to perform selected actions for all following itmes IMPROVEMENT: Enable the user to configure multipole sync profiles, e.g. to sync with multiple gmail accounts IMPROVEMENT: Enable the user to choose Outlook folder IMPROVEMENT: Added language sync FIX: Remove Google Note directly from root folder IMPROVEMENT: No ErrorHandle when neither notes nor contacts are selected ==> Show BalloonTooltip and Form instead Improvement: Added ComException special handling for not reachable RPC, e.g. if Outlook was closed during sync Improvement: Added SwitchTimer to Unlock PC message FIX: Improved error handling, especially when invalid credentials=> show the settings form Improvement: handle Standby/Hibernate and Resume windows messages to suspend timer for 90 seconds after resume 041b061a72


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