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Native Instruments €? Play Series Selection (KONTAKT) 2021

With the release of Kontakt 12, Native Instruments also introduced its new Play series. These are very easy-to-use virtual instruments for Kontakt 6 (Player) that are aimed primarily at players/composers less for sound designers. One of them is the Ethereal Earth library, an atmospheric library which offers more than just sampled-based sounds.

Native Instruments – Play Series Selection (KONTAKT)

Admitted: It's not an easy task to find your way through this huge selection of sounds. That's why KOMPLETE KONTROL is an integral part of KOMPLETE 14 SELECT - A handy plug-in that lets you browse through all the instruments and effects with ease. And because all presets can be previewed, you don't have to wait for them to load.

The Kit Editor displays all controls related to the selection and editing of the individual drum sounds that make up your kit. Here you can search for sounds in the Browser and access parameters that determine the playback behaviour of these sounds. You can also load and rearrange your Insert FX and adjust the Send amount of your individual drum sounds to the Send FX units.

The Sample section sets the foundation of your drum sounds. Here you can select a sound source, set the Pitch and adjust the Volume. Additionally, you can place the sound source in the stereo field using Pan, to ensure that all instruments can be heard. You might want to pan your drum kit like a typical acoustic kit, with Kick and Snare centered, and Toms, Hi-Hats, Crash and Ride panned accordingly. Alternatively you can use the Pan control as a creative effect that allows you send percussion and FX in any direction you wish. Use the Attack, Hold and Decay envelope controls to shape the contour of the volume of the sound over time. This allows you to adjust the snappiness of the sound's onset, and determine the length of the sound's tail, or the time it takes for sounds to fade out.

MIDI Pad Select: Switches MIDI Pad Select on or off. When activated, pad selection is determined by MIDI note input. Activating the control allows you to select a pad for editing from your MIDI device, and is useful if you wish to play the pad as you adjust the relative sound editing controls.

Ambius Prime is a unique and powerful compendium of our Ambius atmospheric synthesis series, offering a vast selection of hand-crafted sound-designed pads, ambiences, leads, pulses and acoustic textures. Each sound has been carefully sculpted from organic source recordings by our creative team. We've captured a wide spectrum of instruments, voices, environments and objects to create thousands of distinctly compelling and nuanced sonic flavors. Everything you hear was built using only organic field and instrument recordings. In fact, no synthesizers were used in the creation of this library at all. And with our sophisticated Ouroboros modulation engine, you can weave sources together into stunningly dynamic, flexible and inspiring synth patches for any style or genre. Dive in and tweak and automate every parameter with total control over every detail, or just hit the Random button to instantly generate an infinite variety of new sound, parameter and dynamic modulator combinations.

For over a decade, our mission has been to create an ever-growing selection of inspiring instruments, orchestral sections, drums, percussion ensembles, choirs, solo voices, folk and vintage instruments, experimental sonic contraptions, cinematic effects and sound-designed creations.

Orchestral Tools has been producing sampled instruments for composition and orchestration for many years. They have now combined their expertise with the brilliant minds at Native Instruments to reimagine the way musicians play acoustic instruments.

Over the years, this collection of odd instruments has grown into a voluminous archive. This library is unparalleled in its selection of instruments and vocal samples. In addition, the sound is more genuine, thanks to the micro tuning tab I discovered.

However, even if the sonic variety is credible, I find that many of the instruments lack enough dynamic layers and round-robin samples for playing melodies. Still, if you only intend to use the library for creating soundscapes, the samples are perfectly adequate.

Kontakt plays VSTs designed to be played in Kontakt. And only those designed to be played in Kontakt. You put Kontakt in your VST folder. (Not the other stuff.) In your project you insert Kontakt from the list of instruments.

Included in the package are acoustic drums, electronic beats, orchestral strings, and a wide range of synthesizers, plus guitar amplifier simulation and an array of creative studio effects. To play and control these sounds, KOMPLETE ELEMENTS provides three player engines, which can be used stand-alone or as plug-ins within a DAW. The engines include REAKTOR 5 PLAYER for synthesizers, GUITAR RIG 4 PLAYER for amplifiers, cabinets and effects, and KONTAKT 4 PLAYER for sampled instruments.

Native Instruments Introduces Elektrik PianoNative Instruments recently introduced Elektrik Piano, a sample-basedinstrument that delivers the sounds of the Fender Rhodes MK ITM and MKIITM, Hohner Clavinet E7TM and Wurlitzer A 200. The E-piano features awide selection of ready-to-play presets, which can be grouped intoindividual performance sets for quick recall of presets during liveperformance using the computer function keys or a MIDI controller.Altered sound settings can be saved as new presets.


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