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Buying A Used Car From Hertz

Hertz Car Sales consists of a network of 80 company-operated vehicle sales locations throughout the U.S. dedicated to the sale of used vehicles from our rental fleet consisting of non-program vehicles, as well as program vehicles that become ineligible for manufacturer repurchase or guaranteed depreciation programs. Vehicles disposed of through our retail outlets allow us the opportunity for ancillary vehicle sales revenue, such as warranty and financing and title fees.

buying a used car from hertz


So as you can see, buying from Hertz Car Sales (or buying used rental cars in general) has plenty of pros and cons. I personally would be quite nervous with these kinds of auto sales, and would be more inclined if the price was really, really good.

Here it is, the lineup of every Hertz Certified used car for sale across the country. Extensive hardly describes the number of affordable vehicles from popular brands featured at our dealerships. From efficient commuter sedans, to family-friendly SUVs, trucks, luxury cars, luxury SUVs, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and off-road vehicles, Hertz has it all. Shop our available used cars by body style, brand, model, or price. And if you think our Hertz lineup is this big because we'll buy and resell any old second-hand used car, think again. All our vehicles have to meet our strict standards and include a 12-month/12,000-mile powertrain warranty. Even with these strict standards, we have affordable vehicles, with many priced under $20,000. Look through the Hertz lineup, then visit the dealership near you for a test drive.

Buying a used car makes financial sense as the value of a new vehicle drops as soon as you drive off the dealership lot. When buying a pre-owned vehicle, someone else has taken that initial depreciation hit for you, leaving you with greater value for your purchase over the lifetime of ownership. When buying a vehicle from a rental car company, you're saving even more as you're purchasing from us direct with no middleman. Without price markups, buying a vehicle from a rental car company can mean big savings.

While our available inventory at Hertz Car Sales is always changing, you will often find an incredible selection of quality used cars from the most popular brands. Most Hertz Certified used cars, trucks and SUVs are from recent model years, so you can expect low mileage, less overall wear and tear and often find newer styling and features, such as smartphone integration, push-start and more.

Shoppers from all over the country have plenty of options when it comes to buying a used car. However, there are many great reasons why you should choose Hertz Car Sales: quality used cars, low no-haggle prices, a great selection of popular vehicles, a no-pressure atmosphere, and a 7-day buy back guarantee. Shop our vehicles online and schedule a test drive today!

Mention that you are thinking of buying a former rental car and the response is predictable: Rental cars have been abused and you'd be crazy to buy one. But should you really steer clear of these vehicles? Or could a former rental car be solid, dependable transportation?

Can you find a great deal buying a Hertz used car? Probably. But the really good deals aren't as clear-cut as you might think. It's a good idea to consider some aspects that might not be so obvious before you head to the lot.

Hertz cars are like any other used vehicle in the market, but when it comes to buying rental automobiles, they have specific pros and cons. We will examine the positives and negatives of buying from Hertz, so you can decide yourself if these rental cars are worth the money you spend on them.

In fact, many rental car companies take such good care of their cars that they are willing to offer their own warranty on car sales, as well as other types of coverage to sweeten the deal. This sets them apart from most used car lots, where you may have to haggle for any extras. Hertz and Enterprise both offer a 12-month/12,000 mile limited powertrain warranty, and Avis has a variety of extended warranty options. All three companies also note that many of their sale vehicles are still under the original factory warranty.

A former rental may cost less money up front, but it will also return less money down the road. Getting maximum resale value for a used rental car is difficult, because many shoppers are wary of buying former rental vehicles, so much so that some states have passed laws allowing car dealerships to call rental cars "program cars" in hopes of avoiding the stigma. The value for former rentals is also impacted by the fact that these vehicles are sold in such high volume. When the market gets flooded with thousands of cars of the same make and model, all at more or less the same time and with similar mileage, the price for that make and model gets driven down.

On CarGurus, all rental cars are marked as "Fleet," but not all cars marked "Fleet" are former rentals. To find out if a CarGurus "Fleet" vehicle was a rental, check the vehicle's history report. Of course, purchasing a vehicle history report and asking for service history documentation are steps every customer should take when buying a used car, but it's especially important when looking at a former rental. Taking a former rental to a trusted mechanic before purchasing it is also recommended. Keeping all these pros and cons in mind, a former rental car can provide relatively new tech and safety features at an affordable price.

When you buy from a car dealership, the buying process is mostly on the lot. Buying a used rental is much different. Most of the buying process is done online, and you may only need to go to the rental office for test drives or paperwork.

Hertz Car Sales currently operates nearly 90 locations throughout the country, so it is well-equipped to handle the increased volume of sales of its vehicle fleet. You can shop for a used car from Hertz at one of these locations, or you can shop online using the Hertz Used Car Sales website.

Enterprise offers a wide inventory of used cars from their vast nationwide network of car rental locations. The company also offers a fast online purchasing process with its Accelerated Customer Experience (ACE) program. The company also offers personalized vehicle protection options. You can find both non-luxury and luxury vehicles for sale from Enterprise.

With the Enterprise Accelerated Customer Experience or ACE, you can complete the used car buying process online. This allows you to streamline the process. In fact, you can complete the online portion of the purchasing experience in anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.

There are a vast number of places you can find a used car. You can buy from a private party, a used car dealer, or a franchised new car dealer. Another option is buying a former rental car from the rental car company itself.

When you're in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, you'll probably see ads from companies such as Enterprise Car Sales, Hertz Car Sales, and Avis Car Sales. They sell hundreds of thousands of cars each year on the used car market as they refresh their fleets with new vehicles. The companies have locations across the country. Some, such as those owned by Enterprise Car Sales, are corporate-owned, while others are franchises. The vehicles they sell are generally young, with fairly low mileage and complete service records.

Depending on what you're looking for, they may be excellent deals. However, it's important to remember that they're still used cars, and you have to do your due diligence to ensure you're getting a good vehicle, a reasonable price, and the right financing. It's vital to keep in mind that you can't get a good deal unless you get a good car. Our used car rankings and reviews are an excellent place to start your car-buying adventure. They're designed around the questions shoppers have when they're in the market for a used car.

Many used rental cars have lower price tags than you'll find from used car dealerships or even private parties. Some of the differences may come from their condition or mileage, but it also stems from the fact that rental car companies buy in high volume. As a result, they don't pay the same prices when they purchase their vehicles new as other buyers do. They can afford to sell them for less.

If the seller provides the coverage, you should note when the coverage starts and ends. Typically, a rental car company warranty isn't added to the end of the automaker's warranty; it starts the day you buy the car. Here's an example: We'll say you're buying a car with 31,000 miles on its odometer, a manufacturer's warranty that lasts until it reaches 36,000 miles, and a 12,000-mile powertrain warranty from the rental car company that sold you the car. The manufacturer's warranty will take you to 36,000 miles. Then, the rental company's warranty will cover you for the remaining portion of its 12,000 miles or until your car reaches 43,000 miles.

Cars that have only been owned by one person or company are typically worth more in the used car market than those passed from owner to owner. Nearly every vehicle sold by a rental car company is a one-owner car.

If you're able to get a low-mileage car, you'll likely have plenty of manufacturer's bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage. Buy a high-mileage former rent-a-car, and you'll have to rely on the more limited warranty provided by the rental car company or go without coverage if you buy the rental car from another used car dealership.

While you'll likely be able to pore over maintenance records and look at a Carfax report, you won't know whether somebody braked hard on the car during a weekend trip in New York City. Or if somebody on a trip from Nevada to Texas kept flooring the gas whenever they were on an open stretch of highway. Maybe somebody else used the car to stuff in all of their heavy belongings, overloaded the vehicle and placed a strain on components like the brake, suspension and drivetrain.

Rental car companies like to have new inventory, so you'll probably find relatively new used cars for sale. Enterprise, for instance, sells cars, SUVs and trucks that are one to three years old. A search through Avis's rental cars for sale in August 2020 shows mostly vehicles from 2019. 041b061a72


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