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Dance Factory

FTroop is an award winning competitive hip hop team. FTroop consists of several teams of dancers based on age and ability. FTroop competes locally and nationally as well as making special appearances throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Auditions are held in August.

Dance Factory

JamX is a non-stop exercise class that incorporates hip hop and dance. A great aerobic workout that is lots of fun! JamX is led by Fenton Fulgham with live music provided by DJ P Love. Join us every Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am - 10:00am

Intensives will help your dancer prepare for FTroop auditions as well as to help them progress in their overall skill. Intensives help dancers increase their ability to learn and retain choreography in a short period of time. We will focus on competitive team fundamentals, including performance, combos, visual windows, formations, transitions, facials & texture. We will have 3 FTroop directors teaching each week. Intensives are open to those who want to audition for FTroop and those who want to train!

If you are interested in auditioning for FTroop, you must attend at least 1 week of intensives. If you plan to audition, please email a headshot to Please Include dancer's full name & birthday.

Dance enriches lives through creativity and expression. Our goal is to provide your child with the best dance training from the best dance faculty in a great dance facility. We feel that amazing things lie in the years ahead. DC Dance Factory is the place where dreams begin and we are proud to be a part of so many dancers lives.

Today 1 in 44 children are diagnosed with autism. We are dancing to make a difference! Please consider supporting us in this worthy cause. You can support our team with a donation, join our team as a dancer or crew member, or support an individual dancer or crew member on our team.

Thank you again for choosing us as your school and we look forward to working with you and your children on their dance and all-around development. Our faculty and staff welcome you to the Dance Factory family!

Tap is a rhythmic class that focuses on executing percussive footwork. This class will have an emphasis placed on precision, speed, and clarity of sound while executing rhythmic patterns. Rhythm and musicianship skills are essential to building a solid dance education, but even more important in a tap class.

Lyrical/Contemporary is a fluid form of dance done to popular ballads and slower contemporary music. This form of the dance uses the technique and beauty of ballet while incorporating the sharp moves in jazz. Dancers are taught to tell a story through their movements and facial expressions. This class includes a warm-up focusing on core strength and flexibility in addition to floor work, progressions, and center combinations that focus on dance as much as it does storytelling.

Jazz is an energetic type of dance that uses sharp movements to develop strength and coordination and control over each part of the body. Jazz can range in various styles from the excitement of funk and rock to the catchy tunes of Broadway. This class includes a warm-up focusing on flexibility, stretching, and isolations and progresses into across the floor and combinations.

Acrobatics and tumbling combine elements of both dance and gymnastics to execute precision acrobatic elements. Students will focus on building strength, flexibility, balance, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. They will also learn fundamental acrobatic techniques such as handstands, forward and backward rolls chin and elbow stands, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, and contortion tricks. Students will be taught based on their own personal abilities.

Hip Hop class is an excellent choice for high-energy students who want to dance and have fun with popular music. This class encourages students to bring their own individual styles and personality to their movements. They will learn age-appropriate hip-hop dancing and be challenged to think on their feet. Hip-Hop is fast-paced and focuses on strength and agility, along with free-style movements of breaking, locking, and popping.

For safety, and to minimize distraction, all dancers will dress appropriately for class: leotards, tights, ballet or tap shoes. Boys can wear a fitted t-shirt and sweatpants but nothing too baggy. Hair, if long, will be pulled back in a ponytail or bun. 041b061a72


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