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Onmyoji Arena: A New and Innovative MOBA with No Amulets Required. Download for Android and Join the Battle!

How to Download Onmyoji Arena Android

If you are a fan of Japanese aesthetics, MOBA games, and strategic battles, you might want to check out Onmyoji Arena Android. This is a mobile game based on NetEase's popular Onmyoji series, which features a rich and immersive world of Heian-era Japan. In this game, you can summon your favorite Shikigami (spiritual beings) into battle and compete with players from all over the world in various game modes. In this article, we will show you how to download Onmyoji Arena Android and give you some tips and tricks to enjoy this game even more.

Features of Onmyoji Arena Android

Onmyoji Arena Android is not your typical MOBA game. It has many unique features that make it stand out from other games in the genre. Here are some of them:

download onmyoji arena android

Beautiful Shikigami with original voice cast

One of the main attractions of Onmyoji Arena Android is its stunning graphics and art style. The game retains the elegant Japanese aesthetics from Onmyoji as well as its stellar Japanese voice cast to give players a more authentic gaming experience. You can choose from over 70 Shikigami, each with their own personality, backstory, and abilities. You can also customize their appearance with various skins, ranging from school uniforms to steampunk outfits.

A fair game with no amulets required

Unlike other MOBA games that require you to buy or collect amulets to unlock or upgrade your Shikigami, Onmyoji Arena Android does not have such a system. You can access all the Shikigami for free and level them up equally with your opponents. This makes the game more fair and balanced, as the outcome of the match depends on your skill and strategy, not your wallet.

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Balance of power and tons of skills

Onmyoji Arena Android also boasts a unique balance of power system that ensures that every Shikigami has a chance to shine. There are five classes of Shikigami: Samurai, Mage, Marksman, Ninja, and Tank. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you can mix and match them to create your ideal team composition. Moreover, each Shikigami has four skills, including a passive skill and an ultimate skill. You can unleash these skills in various combinations to create powerful effects and turn the tide of battle.

Innovative Battle Royale mode

If you are looking for something different from the usual 5v5 MOBA mode, you can try out the innovative Battle Royale mode in Onmyoji Arena Android. In this mode, you can play solo or with up to two friends in a map that shrinks over time. You can also choose from three different roles: Onmyoji, Shikigami, or Demon. Each role has its own objectives and abilities, and you can switch between them during the match. The last team or player standing wins the game.

How to Download Onmyoji Arena Android

Now that you know some of the features of Onmyoji Arena Android, you might be wondering how to download it on your device. Don't worry, it's very easy and simple. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store

The first thing you need to do is to go to the Google Play Store on your Android device. You can either open the app or use your browser to access it.

Step 2: Search for Onmyoji Arena

Once you are on the Google Play Store, you can use the search bar to look for Onmyoji Arena. You can also browse through the categories or recommendations to find it.

Step 3: Tap on Install button

When you find Onmyoji Arena on the Google Play Store, you will see an Install button next to it. Tap on it to start downloading the game on your device.

Step 4: Wait for the download to finish

The download time may vary depending on your internet speed and device storage. You can check the progress of the download on the Google Play Store or on your notification bar.

Step 5: Launch the game and enjoy

Once the download is complete, you can launch the game by tapping on its icon on your home screen or app drawer. You will need to agree to some terms and conditions before you can start playing. You will also need to create an account or log in with an existing one. After that, you can enjoy Onmyoji Arena Android and enter the world of Heian-era Japan.

Tips and Tricks for Onmyoji Arena Android

To help you get started with Onmyoji Arena Android, we have prepared some tips and tricks for you. These are some of the things that you should know or do to improve your gameplay and have more fun.

Choose your Shikigami wisely

As we mentioned earlier, there are over 70 Shikigami that you can choose from in Onmyoji Arena Android. Each Shikigami has its own role, skills, and playstyle. You should choose a Shikigami that suits your preference and matches well with your team. You can also try out different Shikigami in practice mode or watch videos of other players to learn more about them.

Learn the Onmyodo system

The Onmyodo system is a unique feature of Onmyoji Arena Android that allows you to customize your Shikigami's attributes and abilities. You can choose from different types of Onmyodo, such as Attack, Defense, Support, etc., and equip them with various symbols that grant bonuses or effects. You can also create your own Onmyodo sets and save them for future use. The Onmyodo system can make a big difference in your performance, so make sure to learn how it works and use it wisely.

Communicate with your teammates

Onmyoji Arena Android is a team-based game that requires coordination and cooperation with your teammates. You should communicate with your teammates using the chat or voice function in the game. You can also use the quick messages or pings to convey your intentions or requests. Communication can help you plan your strategies, coordinate your attacks, and avoid misunderstandings. It can also make the game more fun and social.

Use the Fog of War to your advantage

The Fog of War is a feature of Onmyoji Arena Android that limits your vision of the map. You can only see the areas that are within your sight range or that of your allies or minions. The rest of the map is covered by a dark fog that hides your enemies and their movements. You should use the Fog of War to your advantage by hiding in the bushes, ambushing your enemies, or escaping from danger. You should also be careful of the Fog of War, as it can also conceal traps, wards, or enemy ganks.

Explore different game modes

Onmyoji Arena Android offers various game modes for you to enjoy. Besides the classic 5v5 MOBA mode and the innovative Battle Royale mode, you can also try out other modes such as Ranked Match, Custom Match, Co-op vs AI, and more. Each mode has its own rules, objectives, and rewards. You can explore different game modes to challenge yourself, practice your skills, or have some fun.


Onmyoji Arena Android is a mobile game that combines the beauty of Japanese culture, the thrill of MOBA games, and the strategy of battle royale games. It is a game that you can download for free and play with millions of players from around the world. It is a game that offers you a fair and balanced gameplay, a rich and diverse roster of Shikigami, and a variety of game modes to suit your preference. It is a game that you should not miss if you are looking for a new and exciting gaming experience.

So what are you waiting for? Download Onmyoji Arena Android now and join the epic battles in Heian-era Japan!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Onmyoji Arena Android:

Q1: What are the system requirements for Onmyoji Arena Android?

A1: The minimum system requirements for Onmyoji Arena Android are as follows:






Android 4.


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