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Most common were the picture stills in my mind that were seared in my memory: a hint of breast flesh here, a cursory glance up the leg of her shorts to reveal pale blue panties, bending over in the garden to reveal a heart shaped ass atop long powerful legs -- the list was, and still is, endless. I often lay on my bed in the stillness of night, furiously beating off to visions of her dressed in panties and bra with me holding her breasts or her allowing me to rub my fingers over her panty clad pussy, feeling the wetness seep through the thin gusset of material. I could never 'last' long enough to actually consider any sort of sexual penetration in my dreams -- rather I was simply longing to touch her I suspect.

In fact, panties (and most specifically, her panties) had become one of my obsessions as my teen years faded. The fact that a woman's panties were worn close to her pussy made them 'private' garments for me. My experiences with cousins and relatives had taught me that women's panties were private -- my cousin once screamed with disgust when I simply fingered a pair of her panties on the clothesline at her home one sunny afternoon. It caused a minor family breakdown and I remember, after the event, Dad had explained to me (under duress from Mum) that it probably wasn't the best idea to play with a woman's 'private attire' because, in his words, 'Blokes don't play with women's undies mate.' A typically Aussie Dad response.

However the sheer reaction from my cousin that afternoon had set me on the well trodden male path that, if women were not keen for me to see their panties, there must be something worth looking at! Thus I deduced if panties were my 'thing', then the next obvious step in my young, preoccupied male mind might appear to be having a pair of Denise's!

Suddenly all of the 'pictures' flooded my head at once: the jiggle of her breast as she replaced the bra strap, the sneak peak of pale blue panties whilst crouching down in the garden, her smell, her panties, her... Her panties! My arm stopped just as the lock on the door was about to 'click' shut.

I became acutely aware of my pounding heart and throbbing temples at this point. It was the most erotic I had felt in my life. I wasn't supposed to be there! As I stepped through their doorway it was almost like stepping into a pair of panties. I was about to go where I wasn't allowed and about to see things I wasn't supposed to see.

The smell was undoubtedly Denise, yet I also got my first real hint of the female scent at that exact moment. There was the presence of Lavender alright but there was also a hint of muskiness that tantalised my senses. As I pulled the drawer completely open I was met with around 20 pairs of panties. The colours were more adventurous for these items -- a mix of blue, black, white and a light green colour. Some were what I later became to know as satin, some were cotton and two pairs were dark in colour with a lacy panel on the front that was obviously see through when they were on. My cock lurched in my pants as I pictured her wearing these for me and I became aware of the growing wet spot of pre-cum that soiled the front of my shorts.

Holding the dark pairs in one hand I grabbed at a pair of silky panties with my other. I bought them to my nose and inhaled roughly, soaking up 'her'. I felt briefly annoyed, as one does when you get a hair caught in your mouth, but my body literally shuddered when I realised that the hair was possibly one of her pubic ones. I tore the panties from my nose and, with an eagle eye, inspected the crotch panel to find a pubic hair, approximately 2-3 cm long, stuck in the side stitching. I reached out for it with my tongue and delicately licked the hair, telling myself this was just like licking her wet cunt -- and for the first and only time in my life, I came in my pants without so much as rubbing myself. My knees threatened to buckle and I had to lower my body weight onto the nearby bed so I wouldn't fall over or pass out! I then watched as my cum seeped through the front of my underwear and shorts to make a large wet spot above my pubic bone.

My breathing was ragged but I was not unsurprised to note my cock had not gone down after that huge load. It was still hard and seemed to be insistently throbbing once more. I noted the bunched up pairs of panties in my hand and softly chuckled to myself -- I felt like the King of the World! Master of the Universe!

Placing the panties back in the drawer I dug down deeper at a slip of red material that seemed out of place from the plain coloured selection in front of me. It was smooth and silky and my heart raced as I soon pulled out a pair of red silk panties that appeared hardly worn. My senses went into overload when I noted the crotch area of the knickers was 'missing' and I held in my hands a pair of crotchless panties. My heart skipped a beat, my mouth dried up and the pounding in my temples reached jungle drum proportions. Holding these in my hands was like a gold miner holding the Mother Load.

I quickly lost my clothes and lay down next to the underwear with my cock waving around in front of me. Positioning the panties next to my cock I slowly pushed its throbbing head through the crotchless slit, imagining it was the soft outer lips of her cunt as I pushed further. The engorged head of my cock was sliding joyously against the panel of silk that made the back of the panties. Holding the panties with both hands I proceeded to slowly fuck the little hole but this proved a little hard to do. I soon moulded the panties around my shaft with one hand, ensuring all of my cock was covered in the slick, smooth material and I began to pound away on my knob like there was no tomorrow.

My flailing hand tightened around my shaft and, in no time, I was convulsing, spurting hot, sticky cum all over her panties, her bra, her bed -- God I wished it was all over her. I fell to the side, spent and surveyed the mess I had blown onto her bed sheets. My cum was everywhere and I was so sated, that I simply lay there and watched it soak into the sheets until it became crusty and stale.

My next conscious thought was the realisation it was dark outside and I sensed the need to go home. I packed up the panties and placed them all back in place in her drawer. My ignorance meant that I thought the stains from my cum would merely disappear from her underwear so I spent some time sponging my goo from her sheets but neglected to clean her 'special' red panties and bra. When it was all back in place I walked out to the front door.

I was again just about to lock the door and walk home when I realised I would have open access all weekend. I sensed the need to go home so I simply shut their front door without locking it and headed into the night air with a swagger I hadn't had before. I had just seen the 'private' stuff that women wore and had just done unspeakable things to Denise's underwear. It felt so good and, given the intensity of my cum into her panties, I slept like a log that night -- with the knowledge that I was merely 20 metres away from more of 'her' panties.

My dreams overnight had centred on taking a pair of panties as a trophy. I figured they'd also serve as my jerking off device but something else had occurred to me during sleep. I had experienced 'her' smell last night and wondered openly whether she might have some panties that had been worn recently and whether they might smell more. I had settled on the idea that I'd check their dirty clothes hamper when I was next there -- and there I was!

I opened the hamper and suffered through several items of clothing that were his -- filthy, brown stained underwear, shirts with full moon sweat marks on the arm pits that had been worn into yellow/brown stains. However, mindful that artists tended to suffer for their art I received a jolt of electricity when my fingers came upon a smooth, soft piece of cotton material below a pair of dirty jeans. I lifted the offending garment to my eyes and almost fell over -- in front of my nose was a pair of 'her' panties that 'she' had worn recently.

They were blue cotton panties with a small pale pink bow at the front on the stitching. I opened them out to reveal a gusset that clearly showed what looked to be the line between her cunt lips that had been transposed there from the moisture of daily wear. From the mark left there I surmised that she must have thick and plump vaginal lips with a deep slit between them. There was a small light coloured stain in the middle of 'her lips' which had dried to be a pale white colour and it was seemingly 'dusty' in texture. I lowered my lips to it and immediately felt my cock lurch as I tasted her pussy for the first time. I soon had my tongue at work licking the whole crotch area while the hand not holding the panties freed my pulsing cock.

I leaned back against the tiled wall of their bathroom and slid my hand up and down my cock whilst thrusting those panties into my mouth and all over my face. I began to see spots in front of my eyes, my knees almost gave way as I thrust my cock outward and pumped my cum all over my fist and splashed it on the floor. I remember looking into the mirror and seeing my flushed face as I came, cheeks were burning red and sweat dripping from my brow. At that point, this had been the most intense orgasm of my entire life. 041b061a72


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