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Gabriel Clark
Gabriel Clark

Watch The 100 S01e13 1

Up in space in the remnants of the Ark, Jaha attempts to contact any surviving stations and is able to reach Abby on Mecha Station who was with Kane and Sinclair . She tells them they landed successfully and goes outside and describes her experience of the Earth to an emotional Jaha. Kane joins her outside and spots smoke in the distance in the mountains. Abby thinks it may be one of the other stations and Jaha advises her to go check it out. Jaha then goes out to the airlock and watches Earth as he uncorks a bottle of liquor named "The Baton," which is "To be opened on Earth", and opens it up, saying "this'll have to do". Jaha, alone on the Ark and having only one or two weeks left of oxygen, toasts to the survivors of the Ark, saying "may we meet again."

Watch the 100 s01e13 1

Then Lexa died. And I almost quit watching, like most of the rest of the reviewers who, like me, had considered her and what she represented a standout part of the show. And for the record, I still believe she was, and that killing her off was a mistake.

Before that cathartic moment though, we get a great little scene between Jackson and Gabriel. Two of the most delightful beings in the known universe. I could watch them doctor-science for a whole episode and frankly, I wish I had!

Daniel Mallory Ortberg, I love you. I'm writing this blog post hungover on a Sunday afternoon and I wish you were my friend IRL so we could hang out and watch "GG" together. If you ever see this post and want to chill, please get in touch.

Phobos was preparing the Ceremony of the Amalgamation. He needed symbols of Elyon's body, mind, and spirit. Cedric took her hairbrush, A+ math test, and was trying to take her breath. Taranee and an unwilling Irma became part of the school newspaper staff. They sent Blunk to keep watch over Elyon and they also found out there's a portal at the school. Meanwhile, Martin caught a glimpse of a Hermaneutibeast from Meridian and the only thing that could get him away long enough for the girls to send it back home was a date with Irma.

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